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Deck Drawer Componentry - DIY Kit




  • An economical and smart storage solution which transforms the unused space under your deck or elevated house into a sturdy and functional drawer.
  • No more mess or untidy backyard
  • Efficient use of space under the deck or house
  • Drawer front easily adapted to the deck and/or house style
  • A DIY project
  • Key lockable handle for greater security
  • PVC membrane for water tight storage
  • Possible drawer sizes - Height 150mm - 600mm, Width 300mm 1200mm, Length 1200mm 2400mm (Plywood NOT included)
  • Easy to open and close due to ball bearing galvanized slides
  • Supports a storage load of 150kg
  • Great for storing gardening tools, kids toys, pool equipment, lawn mower and general backyard clutter.
  • All necessary hardware supplied

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