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Deck Drawer ClearShield Installed


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Request a custom built and professionally Installed ClearShield Deck Drawer.

  • We offer all sizes to suit your storage requirements. Customised drawers can be installed with multiple optional
  • Extras :-  Over sized drawer fronts, drawer fronts to suit existing house styles,  Internal compartment divisions and various powder coating frame finishes.
  • Manufactured with ClearShield security mesh panels.
  • The highly regarded security solution enables your Deck Drawer to store wet and dry goods with excellent ventilation properties.
  • Unlike woven mesh products which can collect dirt and dust in the weave, ClearShield security panels are smooth stainless steel perforated screens.
  • Easy to clean, irrestistible to look at and burglar resistant.
  • Nothing comes close to the superior look of ClearShield’s unique stainless steel security screens.
  • ** Currently NSW customers only



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